Triptiek is all about all the three departments of AMFI working together. So for this project we had a big group of managers, desingers and branders that had to develop a fictional brand and a collection presentation for 2025.

The brand concept and the brandbook where developed from our dutch industry icon: the revolt chair. Design came with the concept about an essential piece that can evolve trough time, just like the revolt chair. From this we built our brand: PUNT.


adapted to his time,
will lead to enrichment

Enhancing the essential...




A little explaination about where PUNT is all about.

Vision - "Enhancing the essential adapted to his time will lead to enrichment"
Mission - "We stimulate calmness by creating a base in a world of chaos.

Central Values - Solid, Static, Essential, Versitale
Functional Values - Functional, Ergonomic
Expressional Values - Nononsense, Neutral, Sober

Targetgroup - Men and Female that are in betweeen 35 and 50 years. They live and work in the city and have a busy and social life. They have a brought knowledge, are intrested in art and fashion with an special eye for detail. They have a sober look upon the world and have a lot of self knowledge.

At the end of Triptiek that lasted 3 weeks we had to present our concept at the Triptiek expo. For that we arranged a photoshoot for our collection as promotion but also to make a lookbook.

- I was responsible for the concept, graphic design and production of the brandbook, logo, briefed the photographer and directed the collection video.



Punt intallation at Tripiek

Collection Video PUNT
Directed by MARR
DOP byPim Verlaat
Concept and collection developed for AMFI